Whatsapp, Calls & Email Communication

Problem Statement: For every communication medium, sales team have to use separate tools or gadget.

LMSBaba™ Lead Management Solution is very user friendly and easy to adopt. Every leads is presented in a way so that sales person can easily find all communication mediums in single screen. There are three most used mediums to connect with the buyers - Phone calls, Whatsapp messaging & Emails. Sales person can use all three mediums very easily.

Phone Calls: LMSBaba™ android APP enables you to call a buyer without saving or dialing a number. You just need to click on Phone Icons and you will get notification on LMSBaba™ App to make SIM / Whatsapp calls with buyer’s name & contact number.

Whatsapp Messages: You can send Whatsapp messages to the buyers without saving the buyers’ mobile number in contact list. You just need to click on Whatsapp icon and type your message which you want to send to the buyer. As soon you will click on submit button, it will open your Web Whatsapp and print the same message in message box to send.

Email Communication: You can send emails to the buyers by clicking on reply icon. You can type your message or select pre-define messages to send email.