Click to Call Service Enabled

Calling a customer become very easy through click to call process on LMSBaba's Lead Management Solution (LMS). You just need to click on call button and it will connect you with your buyer. At the same time system will record all conversation for your future reference. Please note that Click to Call API is a 3rd party service & LMSBaba™ will enables you to integrate your API Key.

Click to Call is a service that allows customers to initiate a phone call to a company directly from a website or mobile app by clicking a button. The service typically works by embedding a call button or link on a web page that, when clicked, automatically dials a predefined phone number and connects the customer with a representative.

The main advantage of a click to call service is that it makes it easier for customers to contact a company, as they do not have to manually dial a phone number or search for contact information. This can result in increased customer satisfaction and faster resolution of customer inquiries.

Click to call services can also provide valuable data for businesses, such as the number of calls initiated and the length of each call. This data can be used to improve customer service and support, as well as to measure the success of marketing campaigns and website optimization efforts.

There are several providers of click to call services, including cloud-based solutions and on-premise solutions that can be integrated into a company's existing website or contact center infrastructure.