Auto Managed Buyer’s Address Book

You no need to create your buyers’ address book at LMSBaba Lead Management Solution (LMS). LMSBaba™ AI module automatically identifies your buyer’s details from your lead creation and create address book for your re-marketing plans. You can further enrich address book with Buyer’s GST, PAN, alternate emails, mobiles etc. Buyer’s Address Book is asset for a company and only repository of organizations success. You may download the company data and do your marketing activities for further lead generation.

In a CRM system, a Managed Buyer's Address Book refers to a centralized database that stores the contact information of customers or buyers managed by a company or organization. This database can be used to track customer interactions, manage sales and marketing campaigns, and improve customer relationships.

Key features and benefits of a Managed Buyer's Address Book in a CRM system are as below:

  1. Centralized storage of customer data: A Managed Buyer's Address Book provides a single repository for storing all customer data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant information.
  2. Easy access to customer information: With a Managed Buyer's Address Book, sales reps and customer service agents can quickly retrieve customer information from a single location, without having to search through multiple databases or spreadsheets.
  3. Improved customer segmentation: By organizing customer data into different categories, such as demographics, purchase history, and interests, a Managed Buyer's Address Book can help companies identify and target specific customer segments more effectively.
  4. Enhanced customer engagement: With access to comprehensive customer data, companies can provide more personalized and relevant communication to their customers, leading to better engagement and stronger customer relationships.
  5. Streamlined sales and marketing processes: A Managed Buyer's Address Book can help automate routine sales and marketing tasks, such as lead generation, contact management, and follow-up communications, freeing up valuable time for sales reps and marketing professionals.
A Managed Buyer's Address Book is an essential component of any effective CRM system, providing a unified and efficient way to manage customer data, enhance customer engagement, and drive sales and revenue growth.